Mariam Zakarian descended the rocky mountains of Armenia and made a home of the melancholic cityscape of Copenhagen, Denmark. Self-taught in her crafts, she creates fine art in traditional and digital media, and occasionally lends her eyes and hands to projects ranging from album art to artistic virtual reality experiences.
Mariam’s roots are in representational, figurative work. Her paintings and drawings gravitate heavily towards the strange and the surreal as she uses her crafts to explore subject matter relating to the darker shades of existence and the imagination.
Besides creating fine art, she has worked over the past decade as a photographer, and as graphic designer and art director on different cutting- and bleeding edge platforms(AR , VR). She occasionally shares her knowledge, techniques and discoveries at international festivals and conferences, via talks and workshops.
Mariam is currently developing the virtual reality art installation Amaryllis VR.


2013-2017 Master of Science in Media Technology – specialization in Virtual Reality Art. Aalborg University Copenhagen, Denmark. Virtual Reality, Video Games, Binaural Audio, Interactive Sound Installations, Technology and Cognition, Narrative Studies. 

2014 Eucroma, Denmark. The European Cross-Media Academy. Video Game and Animated Film Design and Production. Concept Art. 2D Art. Texture Art. 

2011-2012 Art History and other courses. Stockholm University, Sweden. Art History from Antiquity to Today. Music Recording, World Dance and Postcolonialism, Portraiture in Art.   

2009-2012 Bachelor of Art in Digital Design. Aarhus University, Denmark. Digital Aesthetics, Interactive Media, Design Theory and User Experience.  

2008-2009 Medicine. Aarhus University, Denmark (interrupted after 1st year). Anatomy, Embryology, Histology, Genetics and Full-Body Dissections.