Speaking & Workshops

I am available for public speaking at events related to culture, art, music, media, games, virtual reality and education/entrepreneurship.
I also offer workshops related to my fields of expertise, where I teach my DIY approach to art and creative content production.

Each talk and workshop is tailored to fit the audience, as they have ranged from generalist university students and VR enthusiasts to specialists and developer teams working on concrete projects. I aim to inspire and inform, whether I'm sharing knowledge and techniques, introducing my audience to practical tools, or talking about the challenges related to being an independent artist/developer/entrepreneur. I enjoy discussing the risks of venturing into new, unfamiliar territory -something I've consciously chosen to do with each new project over the past 10 years- and I like to offer what I find useful in overcoming the resulting difficulties.

My motivation for public speaking is born of the desire to promote the voices of artists and other independent creators in contributing to the language of the technology and cultural values that shape our future, as well as the wish to see more diversity, inclusiveness and transparency in the media and industries I work in.

For details, please get in touch via the contact form on the Information page.


UPCOMING: 2018, 5th of May: Universe Science Park, Nordborg, Denmark: Exhibitor, VR art installation “Amaryllis VR : Ocean”

2018 January: Copenhagen University, Denmark: Speaker & Exhibitor, VR art installation “Amaryllis VR : Ocean”
2017 August: Galleri Oxholm,
Denmark: Solo exhibition, VR art installation premiere “Amaryllis VR : Ocean”
2017 May: Creative Coast Festival, Sweden: Exhibitor, VR art installation “Amaryllis VR”
2017 April: A MAZE Hypertalks at Nordic Game Jam, Denmark: Speaker, “Slow VR” 
2017 Jan: SpilBar at The Danish Film School, Denmark. Speaker & Exhibitor, VR art installation “Amaryllis VR”
2016 Nov: Aalborg University Copenhagen, Denmark: Exhibitor, VR art installation “Amaryllis VR”
2016 Oct: Culture Night Copenhagen at the Ministry of Science Innovation & Higher Education, Denmark. Exhibitor, VR art installation “Amaryllis VR”
2016 Sep: CopenX, Denmark. Exhibitor, VR art installation “Amaryllis VR”
2016 May: Creative Coast Festival, Sweden. Workshop instructor: “VR for Visual Artists” + TiltBrush by Google mini-contest host and award presenter
2015 Nov: Slush, Finland. Exhibitor, VR game
2015 May: Creative Coast Festival, Sweden. Speaker: “Live Digital Speedpainting of an Audience Member” + Exhibitor: “Morphed Portraits”
2015 May: Shayla Games VR Jam. Co-organizer
2015 May: SpilBar, Denmark. Speaker: “Amaryllis VR”
2015 Apr: A MAZE Festival, Germany. Exhibitor, VR horror game + workshop instructor for VR micro-jam.
2015 Mar: REZZED, UK. Exhibitor, VR horror game
2015 Mar: Game Developers Conference, USA
2015 Feb: Nordic Game Jam, Denmark
2014 Oct: Game Industry Conference (ZTG), Poland. Speaker: “Chaos and Creation: Visual Art for VR Horror Games”
2014 Oct: Poznán Game Arena, Poland. Exhibitor, VR horror game
2014 Oct: Select/Start PLAY, Denmark. Exhibitor, VR horror game
2014 Aug: Gamescom, Germany. Exhibitor, VR horror game
2014 Jul: NärCon, Sweden. Exhibitor, VR horror game
2014 May: Shayla Games, Denmark. Exhibitor, horror game
2014 May: Interaction Design and Children Conference, Denmark. Presenter & Exhibitor, interactive sound installation
2014 Feb: Nordic Game Jam, Denmark. Participant
2010 Sep: Organisation for Digital Design Students, Denmark. Speaker “Digital and Traditional Art”