25 June 2018

Amaryllis is a virtual reality art installation about the subject of mortality.
It is composed of several surreal worlds inspired by concepts related to what makes humans different from sophisticated machines: spirituality, mortality, the subconscious and complex emotions. The piece explores the physicality of the immaterial: The VR technology (HTC Vive) transitions the visitor to a state where the virtual feels profoundly physical, allowing one to physically walk within impossible worlds.
The virtual installation is expanded in several other media: analog art rituals and performances, which prepare visitors for the transition to VR, various traditional paintings and drawings on paper and canvas, as well as music specifically composed for each virtual world.

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The first VR chapter of Amaryllis is “Ocean” – a piece about cleansing and an entry point to the digital world. It swells and swallows the visitor continually, bathing them in blood-red waves. “Ocean” was inspired by the river Lethe from Dante’s Divine Comedy, which welcomes those who leave Hell. Bathing in the river would take away one’s memory, and wash away one’s sins. “Ocean” welcomes the visitor to a space of contemplation and catharsis.
It is possible to physically walk around inside the VR piece.
Before entering the virtual  “Ocean”, guests are recommended to participate in the analog art ritual  “Tea with Amaryllis”, which may amplify the experience.

Screenshots from "Ocean"