Mariam Zakarian

B.1987, Armenia. MSc Media Technology, Aalborg University

Mariam Zakarian is a Danish-Armenian multidisciplinary visual artist based in Copenhagen. She is autodidactic and works with classical drawing, painting, photography and film, cutting edge digital technology as well as performances and installations.

Her artistic roots are in figurative, representational genres infused with the strange and surreal, brimming with visual metaphors and carefully constructed layers of symbolism. She is the creator of one of the first Danish VR artworks, and has worked with the medium since 2014.

Previous exhibitions include galleries, museums, and major tech and fine art events on 3 continents, among which are the Museum of Contemporary Art of Novi Sad, Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, and Art Basel Hong Kong.

Zakarian creates her VR art pieces solo from start to finish -a process involving 3D modeling, animation and music composition. She holds an M.Sc. in Media Technology, specializing in VR, and she occasionally shares her knowledge, techniques and discoveries at international festivals and conferences, discussing the relationships between the human experience of art, artmaking and the artificial, as well as the importance of considering the human aspects when creating the technology of the future.

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Selected Exhibitions:

Zakarian & Lövendahl present BLACKLANDS, Lövendahl | 2023, DK
Stockholm, C/o Bauer Gallery |  2021: SE
Zagreb, Ulica Baruna Trenka 8  | 2021: HR
 Novi Sad, Danube Dialogues central exhibition at Museum of Contemporary Art |  2019: RS
Hong Kong, Art Basel Hong Kong  |  2018: HK
San Francisco, Moscone Center  |  2018: US
Berlin, Urban Spree  |  2018: DE
Copenhagen, Galleri Oxholm  |  2017: DK
Copenhagen, Ministry of Higher Education and Science  |  2016: DK
Copenhagen, Papirhallen   |  2016: DK

2022: Jury: Animated Films (Danish & International), Odense Film Festival (DK)
2019: Panel: Music in Immersive Experience, VR Days (NL)
2019: Panel: Art and Ecology, Museum of Contemporary Art (RS)
2018: Internet Week Denmark: The Danish VR Scene (DK)
2018: Copenhagen University: Virtually Ourselves (DK)
2017: Nordic Game Jam Conference (DK)
2017: The Danish Film School: SpilBar (DK)
2016: Creative Coast Festival (SE)
2015: A MAZE Festival (DE),
2015: Creative Coast Festival(SE)
2014: Interaction Design for Children conference (DK),
2014: Game Industry Conference(PL),
2014: Spilbar(DK),
2010: Organisation for Digital Design Students(DK)

2023: DK | Copenhagen, Lövendahl, Zakarian & Lövendahl present BLACKLANDS
2021: HR | Zagreb, Ulica Baruna Trenka 8, Art of Fury
2021: SE | Stockholm, Gamla Stan, C/o Bauer Gallery, Art of Fury
2019: RS | Novi Sad, Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina, Danube Dialogues
2019: SE | Karlshamn, Creative Coast Festival
2019: DK | Nordborg, Universe Science Park
2018: SE| Karlshamn, Creative Coast Festival
2018: DK | Nordborg, Universe Science Park
2018: DE | Berlin, A MAZE Festival, Urban Spree
2018: HK | Hong Kong, Art Basel Hong Kong, with MOR/HTC
2018: USA | San Francisco, Game Developers Conference, with MOR/Valve
2018: DK | Copenhagen, Copenhagen University, Virtually Ourselves
2017: SE | Karlshamn, Creative Coast Festival
2017, DK | Copenhagen, Galleri Oxholm (solo)
2017: DK | Copenhagen, The Danish Film School
2017-2019: Online | The Museum Of Other Realities
2016: DK | Copenhagen, CopenX VR Summit
2016: DK | Copenhagen, Culture Night, Ministry of Higher Education and Science Innovation
2015: SE | Karlshamn, Creative Coast Festival
2015: DK | Copenhagen, Cinemateket, SpilBar
2015: DK | Copenhagen, Aalborg University, Shayla VR Games Festival
2015: DE | Berlin, A MAZE Festival
2015: UK | London, REZZED Festival
2015: USA | San Francisco, Game Developers Conference
2015: FI | Helsinki, Slush Summit
2014: PL | Poznán, Poznán Game Arena
2014: DK | Viborg, Select/Start PLAY Festival
2014: DE | Cologne, Gamescom Conference
2014: SE | Linköping, NärCon Convention
2014: DK | Copenhagen, Aalborg University, Shayla Games Festival
2014: DK | Aarhus, Aarhus University, Interaction Design and Children Conference
2012: SE | Stockholm, KGB Bar (solo)
2012: SE | Stockholm, Zita – Folkets Bio (solo)
2010: DK | Aarhus, Aarhus University (solo)
2006: DK | Aabenraa, Aabenraa Statsskole
2005: DK | Aabenraa, Aabenraa Statsskole (solo)
2000: DK | Padborg, Bov Galleri (solo)
1998: DK | Vordingborg, Marienberg Skole

2013-2017         Master of Science in Media Technology (spec. Virtual Reality Art)
                                   Aalborg University, Copenhagen, Denmark. 

2014                      Eucroma digital crossmedia arts program
                                   The European Cross Media Academy, Copenhagen, Denmark

2011-2012         Art History
                                   Stockholm University, Stockholm, Sweden

2009-2012         Bachelor of Art in Digital Design
                                   Aarhus University, Aarhus, Denmark

2008-2009         Medicine (1st year: Macro- & Microscopic Anatomy)
                                   Aarhus University, Aarhus, Denmark