Battle Royale manga version
April 16, 2016
Free World
April 16, 2016

Intro screen

My classmate Thorbjørn Reimann-Andersen and I created 2 games in 2014 based on the Japanese film Battle Royale for a university course titled Narratives in Digital Culture. This version features dark, realistic style derived from the film, and shows the overview of the island where the plot of Battle Royale takes place, as well as all of the individual characters. I read the script and pinpointed the locations of all of the different characters over the duration of the film, and by following the different characters as the overseer of the Battle Royale program, it is possible to see where and how all of them eventually die.
Besides working on the script, and design I also created the UI and visual style of the game.
The games were not published.