April 16, 2016
Battle Royale manga version
April 16, 2016

Disclosure start screen

At Nordic Game Jam 2014 I worked on a small, local, 2-player game for Android called "Disclosure" where players rely on one another to navigate levels successfully. It was inspired by the phone call scene from The Matrix where Morpheus guides Neo out of an office, since he is able to see an overview of the entire area in real time, and Neo is trapped in a maze of cubicles in the office building.
The guide character in the game must explain to the spy when to time navigation through the levels and when to hide from the enemies in the shadows. The connection between the guide and the spy depletes over time, so the spy must hack terminals in order to re-establish the connection. I created 2D assets, UI elements and concept art for the game.

Download Link Spy Screen Overview Screen