April 19, 2016

RAGNAROKvr poster

An explorational horror game based on Norse Mythology, which I worked on for 1.5 years as art director, concept artist, co-producer/team manager etc. The game was developed for VR from the very beginning, adapted to the Oculus Rift DK1, DK2, Samsung's GearVR and the HTC Vive.
I left the project before completion.
RAGNAROKvr graphic design

Graphic Design & Promos

Pieces for advertising, layouts, logos and other bits created for PR.
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RAGNAROKvr concept art

Concept Art & Art Direction

Concept art which I created for the game.
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RAGNAROKvr screenshots

Screenshots & Game Assets

These are from various versions of the game that were exhibited at conferences, festivals and other such events for promotional purposes. The scenes and assets are based on my concept art and art direction. The 3D artists on the team at various points in time were: Michael Jarberg, Johan Lund, Daniel Lindblom, Katharina Goslowsky. All work belongs to the individual artists who created them.
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