April 19, 2016

UX Design

Mariam Zakarian is a UX designer working as the link between the users and engineers/programmers of interactive digital products and services.
Past projects include web design, digital, interactive products for public settings, virtual reality applications, games and other entertainment media, mobile applications and social media campaigns.
The typical design process involves analyzing the specific use of the products in question via different types of user tests, identifying problems and designing solutions for these.

For selected projects Mariam is also available for consultancy, offering analyses of existing designs (e.g avoiding VR-sickness), best practices and user-test designs.

Currently based in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Access samples of work below. CVs provided upon request.
Inquiries may be directed to: info@mariamzakarian.com

Bachelor of Art in Digital Design ||
Master of Science in Media Technology (virtual reality) ||
2D Artist + Concept Artist tracks, Eucroma