Mariam Zakarian

Bachelor of Art in Digital Design || Master of Science in Media Technology (virtual reality) || 2D Artist + Concept Artist tracks, Eucroma

Mariam Zakarian offers her expertise for hire in a variety of professions related to visual art and design. For over a decade, she has worked in several different formats, genres and industries, exploring the intersection of cutting edge digital technologies and traditional, physical media.

Zakarian's aesthetic is often dark, poetic, delicate and clean, fusing a hand-touched, analog style with digital polish and sophistication. Her ability to take ideas from concept to prototype to production is supported by her education in user-centered design theory and media technology, as well as her lifelong experience within the visual arts.
It is also possible to book Mariam Zakarian for talks & workshops about UX, VR, visual art and the future of tech and interactivity.

Currently based in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Access samples of work below. CVs provided upon request.
Inquiries may be directed to:

Art Direction

Creating cohesive and unique visual design for clients and companies. Leading teams of specialists in large or small production pipelines.

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Photographing personalities and performers on stage. Capturing intimate moments at weddings or in personal portraits. Promotionals for brands, products and locations. 

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Graphic Design + Illustration

Drawing, painting or crafting artistic content for campaigns and promotional use. Designing unique product packaging and merchandise. Portraits and other fine art commissions.

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Concept Art + 3D

Creating 3D character or environment art. Rendering 2D content for pre-production or production of video games and other interactive, digital applicatins on mobile, web, desktop and VR.

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